Where Did My City Go?

by History Through Hip Hop



Where Did My City Go? In this song HHH lyricists talk about the changes
they have seen and faced within their communities and pose the question: where are our hometowns going compared to how they used to be?

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Excerpt - Verse 1
Artist - Free

Where Did My City Go // Seem Like My City Gone // Love The Fact that

They love Me Here But its still hate that lives At The Home // On The

Land That I die on for The People I Kill For // Nothing Instrumental

But The Jazz Leavin’ The Fillmore //visuals On The Corner is Why we

keep the Candles Lit // they Moved me From The City I was Raised in

Like the Candlestick // Kickin Down the Doors and burn the Bridges That

Are Fallin’ ‘round // The City Of the Gods but we just Saints the Keep

on Marchin’ down


released June 9, 2014
Song written and performed by:
PB, Jessie, Harmony, David, Free, Von Von,

Song produced by:
Brandon Middleton