Immaculate Minds

by History Through Hip Hop

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The History through Hip Hop Program (HHH) engages 30-40 youth artists, ages 14-22, in the creation of novel, urban-inspired original artwork. The goals of the program are to increase written and media literacy, and empower youth to become positive voices in their community.

This year, the project brought together six hip hop leaders & 39 youth artists to develop, integrated
artwork around the theme of Leadership in Action,
focusing on Hip Hop artistry as a mechanism for
dialogue, social commentary and collective expression. Artists explored creative ways of linking dance
choreography, spoken word poetry, video production, resonating beats and rhythms, and the visual realm of graffiti. The collective product evoked the urban spirit imaginative word flow, rhetoric, and visual appeal. This modern day troubadour/trobairitz innovatively
addressed the complex issues of vision and leadership in their communities.

For more information regarding the Mural Music & Arts Project, or the artists featured on this album, please visit our website at, or contact Olatunde Sobomehin at

This Project is Supported by a Grant
from the James Irvine Foundation


released June 8, 2012

Live Instrumentation- H20:
Justin Phipps, Lopiseni Kei, Adagio Lopeti, Arturo Ortega, Manu Taufa, Mele Tea, Stanley Vae

Frederick Alexander, Jim Chitty, Keith Cross, Diego De La Torre, Casey Fire, Tyler Gil-Contreras, Jeffrey Naiden, Isaiah Phillips, Justin Phipps, Kajmir Royale, Jonathan Singletary

Executive Producers
Sonya Clark-Herrera, Keith Cross, Olatunde Sobomehin



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Kyle Carter, Fluent Flowz, Hype Man Rome, Hu$tlena and The Hype Man Rome - Don't Believe the Hype
Don’t believe it
Don’t believe it
Don’t believe it
The Hype

Kyle Carter
Don’t belive the hype/ Young black boogeyman so you better grab a nite light/ Keep a pistol on my left a knife on my right right/ meanest muggiest ruffian looking for a fight nite/ Sike...the goals at the top and they in my line of sight/ The next Russell Simmons lets see if lightning strikes twice/ How you ‘sposed to climb the ladder if you’re afraid of heights?/ How you supposed to be hungry but you ain’t took a bite?/ In three months/ I’ll be institutionalized/ Joining many black men doing college life/ but don’t mix the word life and think twenty-five/ get your mind out the gutter and your eyes on the prize/ before its too late realize our demise/ Understand media don’t rule our lives/ Understand the media took Trayvon’s life/ Stereotypes, statistics don’t believe the hype

Fluent Flowz
Ok look learn and listen ‘cause Ima bring the change about/ Wisdom is my GPS and Ima show the world my route/ Always been a sore thumb, knew I was unique though/ Never seem to follow lames and always seem to get mo’/ Insightful information to rule a greater nation/ Just be yourself, protect yourself/ and make sure you project yourself/ To be the greatest being to ever walk this planet/ watch them throw their life away don’t take your life for granted/ brodie, Its Fluent Flowz and Ima rep it ‘till the death of me/ Never will I let this stupid..get the best of me/ My team we got the recipe for a better living/ Remember that you set the standard for the growing children/ and one day they will grow/ so therefore you should know/ That everything they learn they’ll pass down to younger bro/ Let’s put an end to all the mess/ and kill it bro with all the stress/ Remember to keep it g-style... and be yourself

Right is wrong if you’re not legit it hard to live this life we live/ especially if you’re ignorant/ How can I be an angel in a world full of evil and danger?/ They only comprehend my anger and belligerence/ Im teachable and reachable/ but I’m tripping since I’m tatted up they label me a killer/ a thief a thug tonite, tomorrow and the rest of my life/ all these statistics and stereotypes ain’t right/ I’ve had enough no love in my area/ Everyday’s a battle no trust no nonsense/ is what I’m yelling money power and respect got us/ dizzy telling me its a conspiracy/ Actually it’s a reality/ Take a look around and see/ Exercise your rights be free/ Dream and scheme on bigger things/ Assembly is key/ Be the light be the dark/ Think fast think smart/ Don’t believe the hype believe your heart

Hype Man
Just because the media presents us in a certain way/ that does not mean thats the way we should be portrayed/ like very black person is poor and caucasian is rich/ but now I have me an idea I’m ready to pitch/ being hypocritical to me is so hysterical/ Empowering every individual through the stereo/ The stereotypical nonsense they be putting out/ It must be a tuesday someone bring the trash out/ I am the one and the only/ The realest and the illest I ain’t never been phony/ Never had to change from a square up to an oval/ just to get my friends approval/ I am my own man I have my own mind/ if you want to be stupid you can do it on your own time/ and just dont...just don’t....just don’t believe the hype
Track Name: Bry-sone! and The Hype Man Rome - The 90s
Uhh uhhh see this ain’t the 90s don’t be confused with snapbacks and skinny jeans/
yeah we brought it back, that’s the little things/ but y’all still killing, killed my lil’ homie dreams
gotta stop that diploma you should cop that/ they spilling drinks all over the floor you gotta mop that
and now you feel hate/ like when you got that letter telling you, you gotta skate
yeah they fitting to take ya property sorta like monopoly/ but they pay you instead but how much bread/
they callin it eminent domain you see their problem is they ain’t got no shame/
and to make my city better, lets be positive trend-setters / going to school in any weather
instead of killing for the cheddar lets change for the better/ influence the young and be inspired all together

verse 2
took 20 years to turn my town into a city/ they’re tearing down homes and schools it’s such a pity/
you see these sad faces because of displacement/ lets start off with the kids and let em know that were adjacent/ ‘cause that’s where it all begins the young to the old/ grab a youth and show em in ya heart that you could mold ‘em/ into a teacher, president, lawyer or a doctor/ saving lives instead of gettin chased by the coppers/

Hype Man
Our History see it’s timeless/ Small town cemetary don’t define us/ ‘Cause we give birth to the talented and finest/ If you not hearing what we saying then don’t mind us/ but if you listening then listen to this/ the nairobi spirit is in us all try not to resist/ just because it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist/ but neccesaryily that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

This ain’t the nineties ‘cause back then I was crazy/ Ima tell you first hand see I’m a nineties baby/ 1991 when I was brought to this world/ not knowing what was happening to boys and girls/ ‘cause our economy started developing the poverty/ Where negativity just sitting outside your property/ See back then I still remember the Plug It In community center where kids always was welcomed in/ Then they tore it down and bet they thought they was clever/ Putting new things and then hoping things would get better/ but then again, I can’t blame them for trying/ even though a lot of people just still kept dieing/ M-M-A-P is like solidification we don’t hurt our own people with the gentrification/ ‘Cause back then Yeah, was a disaster/ We ain’t the puppets no more we the puppet masters
Track Name: Hu$tlena - Stand Up Stand Out

Momma had me young/ Pops was just a young thug/ Growing up was ruff I’m still learning how to love/ Born with less, so much stress/ Yet I’m still focused on my outcome nevertheless I’m blessed/ You should be my sponsor, where can I lay my head next?/ So many questions, but no answers I get perplexed/ with life and set fire to cancer sticks/ You know cigarettes? Then I gotta hold the canibus/ and according to me, it was the best way to handle things/ No pity please I’m young pretty and pleased/ with the fact my intelligence is intact from hundreds to g’s/ Oh yeah, I’m on my grind I gotta get it/ No time to waste/ so I’m getting it at an endless pace/ Gotta do what it takes to keep living/ I come from the gritty in case/ you ain’t know I’m serious about changing the game/ Xing all you lames and doing my thang/ ‘Cause this here hasn’t been done before, I’m tired of the same ol’ you know....

So I’m thinking of a master plan should I be dreaming?/ The angels cursed me blind with straight and crooked thinking/ If I fought with all the strength I held inside it would all be easy believe me/ I don’t want it if it’s that easy/ I was born a product made to crumble yet I’m standing easily so c’mon/ Sending Obama wasn’t appeasing to me y’all wrong/ Stand up and stand out that’s what I’m about/ I’m not looking for a handout I’m grown/ I got everything planned out, so long/ I’m shooting for the stars Mars is my home/ Above and beyond/ Young and gone been on my own/ for awhile and I was barely sixteen with a child wow/ I’m nineteen she’s about to be five/ That’s my little princess/ I know I’m queen all eyes against us/ Keep up I move mean/ I ride for you, you ride for me/ Stand up but stand out, Unity/ YOu and me, Us and we

They nothings good in the hood but who are they to say?/ I’m a diamond in the ruff, I’m in the hood everyday/ and if i could I would bring the whole hood to the top with me/ Everybody gon’ rock with me we can ball out properly/ Nothing to me is impossible, there’s always room for improvement there’s no stopping me/ They want me to be clueless, I’m not confused/ I know I was set up to lose/ It’s foolish what they do/ Forgive us Father for we don’t know what you knew/ All I know is show improve so just what Ima do/ I’m so into the truth I thrive off that/ My auntie told me today that she gon’ die off crack/ What can I say to that? I laugh and tell her to stop saying that/ I laugh at my pain since I’m educated I can change the future facts/ Imagine that I’m holding up in this life of chaos and mess/ My chest out my head up I have no regrets/ Yes, I’m on my own but I wouldn’t be.....
Track Name: Fluent Flowz, Randy Mc Fly and Bry-sone! - Kool Kidz
Fluent Flowz
Yeah yeah ya know they had to bring the doggies out/ talk about how I be rapping and I just walk it out/ on the dance floor I’m so pro they cats be mad about me/ coming through dropping hot bars enough to talk bout/ See I’m a scholar and I got a lot of knowledge/ Made my way through grade school and now I’m conquering college/ been in the game too long and ain’t no need to polish/ I’m so fresh and clean like a diamond ring I’m so flawless/ Cool Kid without the Chuck no Taylor/ Y’all lames are so plain Kool-Aid without the flavor/ Fluent Flows for mayor yeah it sound decent/ Bringing y’all together you can call me adhesive/ you know you need this/ I am such a genius/ never go to dentist and I still remain the cleanest/ Not Rihanna’s rude boy yeah I be the meanest/ Cool Kid call me Fluent Flowz yeah you need this

Randy Mc Fly

I’m a cool kid, cool kid cool kid/ had to remind ‘em/ ‘cause bro was getting too foolish/ Truth is y’all soul coolest/ look around and you won’t see another that dude is/ Feel the beat commence grooving/ not your mind but your soul I’m trying to lose sin/ Feel it in your toes that good movement/ get on that good foot which is that you using?/ Thats my two cents, now ima get to gassing/ Extra lashing beats I’m steady harrasing/ Randy cold castor cool breeze blaster/ When I breeze through the air they be calling me captain/ Cool kids killing ‘em not just rapping/ Got big plans to get away from the traffic/ Chilling in the building with some women on a campus/ Loving how I’m living they wondering our name we be answering...


Its Bry-Sone! I’m all up in the mix/ I’m a Cool Kid you can tell from the kicks/ but they ain’t flashy they ain’t J’s they ain’t fly/ but who determines that? I make myself that guy that you wanna see/ Who you wanna be?/ I know you want a piece/ but you can’t break me/ No wheels when they made me but I’m on a roll/ Honor roll yeah I made it/ Graduated Magna Cum Laude/ Now why you wanna hate it/ Out there seperated ‘cause I’m elevated/ Animated bout to play the game really innovate it/ This an invasion I’m about to ransack ‘em/ and if I don’t do Rand ransack ‘em/ Or fluent can do it/ ain’t nothing to it/ You can call me garfield a real cool cat/ bulling on a track/ like I’m playing chicken/ I’m like Lane Kiffin/ ‘cause I’m coaching ‘em/ Who’s ya best dude I’m approaching ‘em
Track Name: Kyle Carter, Keith Cross, Hu$tlena, Fernando Salazar and Brando - Takin' it Back
Said we taking it back
We got man, woman, old folks, youngin’s, blacks, latinos, Samoans and Tongans
If a freeway can’t split up a city then what can? If a freeway can’t split up a city then what can?
We got asians, hawaiians, other lands and islands/ diversity to the university
If a freeway can’t split up a city than what can? If a freeway can’t split up a city then what can?


So much diversity in our community/ from chinese, polynesian, latinos down to you and me/ Black white or brown all it takes is unity/ Head up and a smile, be all that you can be/ EPA is a city where I feel we are unique/ We deserve a bigger area, sidewalks on all our streets/ Memorials for all our peeps/ A mural is a reminder to Live In Peace/ RIP to how things used to be/ Let’s heal and release killing all unnecessary/ beef in our streets/ I remember Brentwood in the dirt near the trees/ on my knees playing marbles with my amigos/ Speaking splanglish I treat ‘em like my peoples/ I trade Hector my red boulderl for red hot cheetos/ My homie Jenny had it down pat with math/ taught me how learn on paper since she was from Japan now empowering the youth, that’s my game plan

Nada, cero,
no Los politicos, ni el crimen, y menos el dinero
La clave para triunfar la educacion primero
Solucion companero

Aprender la historia es la victoria
entender como empezo la declaratoria
es la gloria, estando en la escuela prepara
si es que no me falla la memoria

donde estan los programas?
es tiempo de prender las alarmas
y soltar esas armas, fuera palmas
contratar personas de buenas almas

una nueva forma de education
es poner nuestra propia condicion
es hacernos responsable en la eleccion
tener voz, es una mejor solucion

lo estamos retomando
lo estamos retomando
lo estamos retomando!
Kyle Carter
Check the complexion young African American, Standing on his two feet yeah he representing him/ Who he is, what he is, where he be/ One East Palo Alto aka Nairobi/ California, but it ain’t listed on the map/ but I betcha find the PA bolded in black/ Man, don’t y’all see the irony in that?/ First degree of separation be those railroad tracks/ Ravenswood to Ikea, man, are y’all serious? When was the last time you heard a black speak swedish?/ Don’t get it twisted ‘cause I’m more than a statistic/ I’m on my way to college young black and gifted/ Proud product of the Eastside education system/ Strapped with knowledge ‘cause I’m here to kill the opposition/ Goes to show that you got to be committed/ You can stand with it or just fall down against it
Track Name: Kyle Carter, Fluent Flowz, Randy Mc Fly and Bry-sone! - Entrepreneurs

Livin' with no fear of failure so relentless get familiar/ with me cus im chasin my dreams and the criteria/ is to never stop im so naive no i aint listenin/ to the negative, can work for no executive/ so i gotta make my own rules, call my own shots/ make a dollar out of 15 cent to buy my own socks / entrepreneur in the makin yea you see just what I'm makin/ from out of nothin gone turn me into somethin/ greater than i ever thought/ see it in my walk that i got a vision i make it no competition/ cant take my city away from me man nah il'll come petition/ focused and optimistic, driven the skys the limit/ so when you see the stars in my eyes/ dont be surprised /never really fit in the crowd i was out of bounds observin/ waitin on my chance still/ my peers they at a stand still/ and imma pioneer it aint nobody near

Kyle Carter

Give me the brush call me Picasso/ Get that money man that is the motto/ For execs in the building listen here this is my propo-/ Sition cause future CEO's and we painting visions/ So we living high off life call that high life living/ Close your eyes to the world opportunity is what you missing/ At my school ain't no room for ducking dodging or ditching'/ School of hard-knocks get a BS in that crack rock/ Its starts off with what you learn and teachers what you taught/ ID opportunity cause you are your greatest resource / 17 years old five foot seven with a vocab and I am a force/ To be wrecking with you can't mess with it no contesting it (Nahh)/ He so relevant so dang prevalent can't even stressing it (hahh)/ The recipe ambition effort hope the size of a sliver/ So at the end of the day you worth at least six figures/ Yeah six and we doing thangs/ Yeah I'm living rich living out my dreams/
Track Name: Keith Cross, Young P.R.O.D., The Hype Man Rome and Demetric Sanders - I Love Hip Hop
I love Hip Hop I don’t know where I’d be without Hip Hop
Thats why I emcee....Hip Hop

Sitting at the house with nothing to do/ Then my brother he was doing something just so cool/ I’m like bro what you doin? He said nothing just rapping/ I was bobbing my head while the beat straight slapping/ Listening to Eminem and Busta while me and my brother both freestyling no other/ Yup,see for me it was a wake up call/ see the skies the limit with the stars and all/ Hip Hop encouraged all of the creativity/ Throughout music without hostility/ From a seed to a startup to a giant/ now when you hear the Hype it make the crowd wanna riot/ but when I was a kid yeah I was kinda quiet/ but with this Hip Hop rap thing I’ll try it/ The H-Y-P-to the -E remember the name/ ‘cause with this I will have you people entertained/ I am a beast that cannot be tamed/ with so much swag it cannot be contained/ I kill every track with no remains...

I ain’t joking i’m just floating in my memory recording/ though the visions all distorted lets go back to ninety four when/ we were too young for kids but baby teeth got aborted/ and forget about them Jordans unemployment can’t afford ‘em?/ We had not a care in the world when scaring the girls/ but fearing referrals lets take it back to junior high/ those were the times remember the curls?/ Ha, yeah remember the things we would believe man?/ Remember the things we could achieve man?/ I was a math Wiz but no Khalifia/ I came I saw I conquered in my curls not my Caesar/ We were living in a world where the girls like to tease us/ and the only Franklins I knew were the records by Aretha/ Ha, no Benjamins or other ends/ Its takes time to make change but patience don’t make sense/ and so I learned fast how to earn cash/ and I turned that to a hustle with muscle No Russell degrees and wallet confirm that

Keith Cross

Fool I’m a vet you can bet/ I’m from the same city as Mack 10 from Westside Connect/ but I’m larger than local the world is my set/ Where I’m from where I’m at where I’m heading to next/ But I-N-G is where I took my first breath/ Got my first diss and my first kiss/ Met my first love/ kicked my first flow up in Popcos class with my main man Vince/ Chrome Domez crew I was the last to enlist/ but didn’t mind being the first line of defense/ Esquire would beatbox, now he makes hits/ at lunchtime we’d be in a circle like this..../ uhhh, yo remember that?/ Before Keith was Fathom he was The Underdog Cat/ we took turns until the bell rang to go to class/ then spazzed until the last one ran outta gas/ That was back before rappers had to be hard/ We would rap about anything no matter how bizarre/ Batman, Superman, Twinkle Little Star/ and I ain’t know the meaning of a sixteen bar/ Then we heard Wu-Tang ahh ah ah ahhh/ Now I gotta aim for your jaw/ The game done evolved/ now I gotta murder rap but I’m untouchable ‘cause I’m Above The Law/ I’m the F-A-T-H-O-M Man/ I wish Hip Hop was as hot as it was back then/ and I-N-G was the place where i was stayin’/ First time I ever held an mic in my hand/ Man, I love Hip Hop
Track Name: Hu$tlena, Brando, Keith Cross and The Hype Man Rome - Movin' Units (What U Need)
What U Need
Find your opportunities get get get what you need
Thats how we do it thats how we moving units
Thats how we moving units/ Thats how we really do it

So Invested in my best appreciated the rest
Alleviates the opposition made 'em feel it in their chest
I mean, there no decisions left if you make them all right
And if you follow through with it, you can make it all right,
It's Brando's Cuts no luck needed I'm sayin' your destiny's the best recipe of all to be chAnged,
I'm sayin', I'm tryna get my own name own lane,
Got that fire I could use some propane
But I can change it up see me tho, I got steady hands
You think gravel's rough, CEO I can't retire when I'm tired,
I inspire by the cut, and with it I advance enough to buy my pants and fill 'em up,
I'll sit you down and bring the barbershop to you fade it up,
We'll travel with the grain I'm sayin if you wana wave it up,
Straight rAzor do the favor when it shaves you up,
You kn wait to pay me up, I brush that change off ya neck
Appreciate the conversation, bars, power, and respect.

Hype Man
One step for man I’m walking for opportunity/ No need for doubt block out the insecurity/ My bars are mixed so I encourage diversity/ because they come together and bond I call it unity/ Yeahhh, listen to the way I flow/ I’m doing it so legitly while I’m stacking up my dough/ and pushing off all these units while I’m six feet from the floor/ and my landlord keep calling like please don’t bring no more/ but umm thats thats how I do it/ money talks and I’m really fluent/ Thats thats how I do it/ Keep that mindset and never lose it/ I keep it moving so therefore never stopping/ I’m listening for the door because opportunity be knocking/ Its like everyday is christmas ‘cause I’m filling my stocking/ call up my resource like Bro whats popping

Listen it really takes drive and persistence/ to go the distance/ Proper understanding common sense. /Grind to Shine and wise plannin’/ Be sure to practice patience/ teach and inspire/ Everybody to engage even when they don’t understand how they relate/ Resilient like Edison thats how you gotta be/ Found another way it doesn’t work I’m back at it again/ Born winner live and earn to win/ Live and learn again/ invest in your best as a human being/ I try not to stress I recognize I’m blessed/ Just out here trying to live/ find my opportunity and build myself a crib/ Can I live? I ain’t never had jack/ Its real plus I’m still out here giving back can you feel me?
Track Name: Young P.R.O.D., Randy Mc Fly, and Bry-sone! - Without You
You can have the world in your hands
It’s she who puts the stars in motion
Life cannot begin without you
Sistah, Sistah, soul protecting, Independent, intelligent
Your beauty beyond the skin it shines through

You know we can’t live without our women/ The ones who we came from, the ones that ain’t trippin’ off the next/ Trying to look better than the best/ when the media will make you wanna look like the rest/ It’s the way they show our women/ They show they bellies growin’, but not their independence/ I wanna see that, then every girl would be that/ When my little sister hits eighteen I wanna see her with the seat back/ No worries; gotta wake up early for school or work huh??/ Maybe 5:30/ I see ya doin ya thang keep it up girl/ I see you pushing a Range Ya doin work girl/ School of hard knock never/ School of hard working women trying to get their lives together/ in any type of weather she comes out looking better/ classy young lady you’ll be lucky if you get her

Young P.R.O.D.
Man shorty bad ‘cause you know she got her own/ briefcase swag with the nice brown tone/ she don’t need a man cause she make that paper/ Gangsters player thugs she see ya later/ Can’t play her like a game because she takes control/ and if you a real woman you know how the game go/ I’m just sick of seeing all this degrading/ in the media that have women mistaken/ Half naked hoochies hounding like a groupie I don’t know about you but with me roll smoothly// quick to turn heads you see the power in the strut and she way too smart to work a normal nine to five/ Fellas say she a dime that’s an understatement/ and girls doing business like that cannot be rated/ Man i can’t help im a ladies man/ Women keep working hard that’s the game plan/

Randy McFly
Intelligent, Regal, and elegant/ Medicine for pain that is evident push past the things that are irrelevant/ Sexuality televisions they selling it/ False propaganda boy they ain’t really telling it/ So much more than a beautiful face and like so much more than a skirt to be chased/ That virgen whore is a maniacal way to damper a woman’s life just because she has a cute face/ Who is to say who cute and hey/ and who is to say you can’t do you today/ I love my woman go gon’ do you/ I be independent and so do you/ We do work on a whole new new/ Beyond the skin what’s a soul to do?/ Make souls connect for a soulful true/
Track Name: Jim Chitty, Christafer "Flowz" Brown and The Kriddaa - Genius
I am a genius I knew in High School
I was a genius and you can check the IQ
I am a genius and I ain’t talking two times two
I am a certified nerdy guy you do you

Jim Chitty
What's up with the way they feed our people crack
watch us do the crime and portray us as the evil pack
youngsters being raised getting blazed never seeing that
their every single move makes another European cat
get racks on racks on racks
you buying they supplying those Maybachs
I ain't lying check the facts on what im writing in these raps
you getting hyped on a couple stacks
Jordans and fitted caps but you ain't trying to bring us back
homie where the genius at?

Chris Flows
I'm a certified genius Einstein on um/ Matter of fact Imhotep ancient Kemet on um/
I threw my brain on um, try to decipher that/ Oh you can't? So give me my vitals back/
All of my friends knew I was Webster with the wordplay/ And the way that I spit will leave you parched, thirsty?/ In school I was a silent K but they needed me/ Plus they kneaded me mentality on some Socrates/ Or Hippocrates, betta believe they fox with me's/ Or flux with um, the way the pen erupts and um/ Leaks out and bleeds out upon these sheets and umm/ Then I articulate hoping that you comprehend/ But then again I'm on my creator and creation hype/
How He breathed a breath now the stars are out in plain sight/ Did you hear me right? cuz that was kind of lofty/ But I'm in the sky drawing nigh wiping clouds up off me/

Back in Highschool my teacher told me total lies/ so now I act local but I think Globalized/ Ima bonafied genius sweep your leg....Cobra Kai/ Watch when all is said and done your boy will own a nobel prize/ Look, I know y’all feel a big agitated/ ‘cause my acumen is said to be acculuated/ I ain’t even say that right I’m just that creative/ cat, boricua Archimedes in some black creatives/ History through Hip Hop Homie our style fresh/ our instrumental we display mental prowess/ even Will Hunting feel like a dimwit around Jeff/ I ain’t woofin' shoot...I even drop science at Soundcheck/ so tell me who is the/ King of ingenuity/ that walks a fine line between brilliance and lunacy/ You knew it’s me Kriddaa and the Jim Chitt-it/ in the test of life bro we fitting to score an infinite ‘cause.....
Track Name: Hu$tlena, Benino, Young P.R.O.D., Fluent Flowz, Randy Mc Fly, The Hype Man Rome and Mele Tea - U R More
Fluent Flowz
Let me tell you who I do it for/ Underprivileged ghetto children, pregnant women/ only twelve trying to make a better living/ All I had was pops and bros raised up out my village though/ Focus on my grades in school boy it wasn’t pretty though/ This here it is a written flow/ Fluent Flowz just let ‘em know/ Focus on your craft and just perfect it like professional/ Conflicts are small like decimal/ Turn it up like decibels/ Stay blessed don’t stress and nonetheless you’ll shake it/ Its called resilience bro/

Ya heart and mind baby follow it/ happiness you can model it/ Your emotions please don’t bottle them/ Express yourself learn to win/ If at first you don’t succeed dust off and try again/ Stand up for what you believe/ don’t be a product of your environment you are more than what they see/ Embrace the life you lead and live/ allow your conscience to be free/ Give to get and get to give relax a bit and dream with ease/ ‘cause you are more than what you see/ don’t let them tell you nothing different/ You define who you be

Hype Man
Keep your motivation moving non-stop/ Have your community come together like Pride Rock/ When drama piles up just reduce it/ There’s nothing to it no need for excuses/ You can call me Simba/ I don’t want no beef unless its tender/ Cold world like winter/ Life is so sweet when them haters bitter/ Wake it up like Foldgers/ I don’t need no cream but wheres my splendor/ Like Mufasa said all you really gotta do is just remember

As the time passes by and the sky becomes clear/ It’s clear that success is the reason that I’m here/ as I brake and I steer/ Proceed with no fear/ Destiny is unwrapped and her presence is revealed/ Manifested into my flesh/ Put me through disaster even through the mess/ but nevertheless success is the best revenge/ but I can’t pretend that Ima keep it going ‘till the very very end

Randy Mc Fly
I been peeping how you been moving for a minute now/ and not to test you, I ain’t hating, not to put you down/ but you need to realize you got more than what you putting out/ Follow me and Ill make you see ‘cause you need to be yelling it loud and proud/ You a strong man with strong hands/ A strong heart and a long plan/ to change things and make things/ into the vision that you can’t see/ Life is what you make me/ so let there be no mistaking/ You need to to do more, see more, be more/ ‘cause we more
Track Name: Keith Cross - Home Grown
Keith Cross
I got that homegrown, I don’t care about the dow jones
the economy could crash tonite and your whole life savings wouldn’t change your life

Ima crop farmer i got what you need /but i ain’t blowing smoke when i say i grow trees
its funny this economy is based on greed/ but people don’t farm who got mouths to feed/
Some folks save money I save seeds/ i don’t water my lawn or spray weeds/
the money i do spend on watering crops i give right back ‘cause I don’t shop for groceries/
I got breakfast lunch and dinner in the yard/ so that recession ain’t hitting me as hard
Plus I grow exponentially/ Whatt?? The Wall Street Journal never mentioned me??

See I’m a city boy all the way urban/ but I ain’t going out like the Pharaoh’s servants/ To eat they sold the land and cattle for cheap/ then they gave their bodies up to the forty hour week/ In the city where pity runs low/ You can’t grow food in a loft an apartment or a condo/ so now you work for the dollar and man/ when all you needed was sun air water and land/ they think they own the water and land but they confused/ god is billing them for what they charge me to use/ if they could sell air and sunlight they would/ We’d suffocate and every day would be nite up in the hood but its all good....

One seed and I get a tree or a whole vine/ tens or even hundreds of fruit at one time/ so while the dollar bill steadily losing its strength/ I got enough food to feed ten families on my fence/ enough melons to make farmers out of felons/ Turn gangsters into gardeners/ cause now they smart enough to keep the system from starving us/ They ain’t dropout they know the math on which seeds and which stars is up/ We goin back to the old ways except/ We technologically and metaphysically adept/ Yep like in the ancient times when we could speak/ with animals cause they was kin and they wasn’t meat/ Y’all wanna eat??
Track Name: Keith Cross - Plans
I got plans, big plans, big plans, big plans

Keith Cross
I got time but not to waste/ so I don’t live my life at no one else’s pace/ I play it way too big to play it safe/ but i stay extra prepared just in case/ I got talents I got tools/ I got gifts God gave me to use/ I’m able to choose/ to gain or to lose/ I write my own script/.....

Okay I admit I got fears that I could fail/ but I don’t quit I keep at it ‘till I prevail/ I do it do it and do it well/ then I do it more than enough ‘till I excel/ ‘cause I got heart I got courage/ so when the going gets tough I’m able to flourish/ I don’t get nervous about a minor disturbance/ I’m confident
‘cause I’m fulfilling my purpose/ I got skills of observation/ and I know how to access the situation/ know when to blend in or when to make a statement/ or when its time to take it back to the basics/ See I could follow or I could lead/ I could fly solo I could play for the team/ I could take a charge to take charge ‘cause me/ I do whatever it takes to solidify the tree/

See I got a method to my madness/ I like to let my creativity run rampant/ if I don’t like the result I revamp it/ to fit my style ‘cause can’t nobody cramp it/ See I’m important and I’m unique/ and can’t nobody play my role better than me/ can’t nobody bring what I bring to be/ even when I’m....thats how I remain free/ but see I got the power we all do/ we all got the power to make dreams come true/ and if its been done you can do it or do something new/ follow my steps or find out what works for you/ I think about it first I wield it/ than i trash it than I build it/ and when it’s crafted I reveal it/ thats how your plans turn dreams into realness/ you gotta have plans
Track Name: Young P.R.O.D., Randy Mc Fly and Brando - Destiny
We gotta take control our destiny right now right now right now

Randy Mc Fly
We gotta take control destiny ain’t automatic/ push a manual whip, breeze past the masses/ they waiting for opportunity to land right in their lap/ but we ain’t waiting for it we ‘bout to reach out and grab it/ Grip it, flip it, mix it/ Sit in attendance with the local politicians/ …...?/Devise a situation to penicillin the sickness/ Watch. listen, learn, grow/ in light you need glisten in dark you must glow/ show the people around for the people must know/ stillness stay still but movements make flow/ Ya know? Get up get it and go/ Rally the population for one definite goal/ Bring about change through a participants roll/ Precipitory modes put destiny in a mold/ Now thats how you take control

My mind is a weapon so I’m shooting for the gold/ gathering info to fortify the city code/ Uncle Bob what you think? Let’s go in/ Help the youth focus every kids burn to win/ Oh dang we ‘bout to get through it/ Recognize the danger now let’s get to it/ Seeing struggles everyday so we had to make a change/ This is the dry spell so I had to bring the rain/ That’s a shame no frame and I’m out the picture/ Tax base revenue is what we call good intention/ Let’s get involved and speak your mind/ EPA is the bomb but we running out of time/ I really can’t help but talk about the violence/ but Im going to spin it around and leave them critics silenced/ Tired of the statistics paying on the path/ screaming we free at last/ Take control


We gotta TAKE control it’s not handed / Living locally supposed to be good for our planet,
‘Cause when we landed, it wasn’t granted/ We had to plant it and plan it, to understand it,
See when they came they placed the blame with no direction / THEY stopped the stressing medicating with deception/ Restructuring the structure then created many men,
Together made a blend so WE can sip and play pretend/ Gentrification, just keeping the people waiting/ Trying to “straighten up the streets”, meanwhile the heats still baking/
It’s fact that we goin’ through the same thing/ Letting the color of our skin divide the cries of same pains/ I am a gentleman, dreams sweet like cinnamon/ I speak for many men too fed up to play pretend/ Like a kamikaze, with my life I fought/ I got that spark, so in the dark I still got heart/ I got control
Track Name: Jim Chitty - This Flow
I don't know how ima blow but ima go to the top with this flow

Jim Chitty
poppa always told me any song you want to hear is playing through the air
all you got to do is tune in with your mental ear and you can hear it clear
a metaphor for the evermore present lord that I'm tapping into
and I recommend you do the same thing if you do i commend you
and when you lose faith feel like life is just a bunch of mazes
remember one cant see the same trail that he blazes
hey kid meditate through the matrix
elevate from the hatred
accelerate to the greatness
i got faith you gon' make it
say this like um

I'm still in the field trying to deal with the ill bill life serves up
I ain't even say check please I ain't paying for this service
Court room seem to be the only place the really wanna serve us
No syntax in the sentences that they give for them murders
Word up, gavel down I'm a come up and travel round
The world yup I'm a rapper now
So anything I need I'm gon' have it now
And I ain't buying drinks at the bar
Just tryna make u think every bar
I really see see who u are
On the brink of being a star
Track Name: Fernando Salazar, Bry-Sone! and Kyle Carter - Viver En Paz
Vivir En Paz
Live in Peace

These shots i block so they pass that rock neva pass that rock
why would i wanna hold that glock when my time is tickin on the clock
so the flow dont stop, wanna hold my watch/ never mind that i don’t wear one
watch my demeanor cleaner then ya brand new beamer /a dreamer could’ve been the redeemer /but you went gilbert arenas, brought a few guns now ya shirts at the cleaners
a genius yeah you coulda been the meanest /showed your weakness now you lost all ya weekends /and ya baby just a fetus 25 to life another man’s gone feed it
wasting time like going undefeated just to lose in the end man whats the meaning
but stay fighting competing and keep dreamin live in peace i aint never
been a demon /they all fiending for money to be gleamin but really they barely shine
like alaska cold season / what’s the reason to be livin in destruction when we can all strive /to make this world fully function we'll be alright


En el mundo es tiempo para Omar
La Bomba de problemas va a explotar
Problema en cada minuto escolar
No entiende, ya no quiere luchar

Solo se quiere lastimar
Omar, solo quiere olvidar
Se hace fuerte al tomar
con un cigarro al fumar

Su madre entra sin tocar
Lo que encuetra la va a cambiar
Ve sangre despues de entrar
Tenia dos horas sin respirar

Ojos inchados llenos de llorar
La muerte de un joven sin expresar
Escogio el mal camino al explorar
A muerto al tratar de escaper

Kyle Carter
As my city implodes/ unfolds such a cold day like below cero/ sad day when youngins’ ain’t got no hero struggling for dinero/ Try to kick me down but nah this ain’t Judo/ Time to take the reins but I don’t mean to impose/ I’m taking control running the show like I was Hussien Bolt/ Shooting for the stars with my vision catch me in a telescope/ Keep mowing our people down before we can even grow/ We got 20/20 but it don’t mean nada if your eyes closed/ Built for the....or the separation see me rep the East Palo Alto/ A-Ks nine macks running the city set it on fire...but it ain’t my fault though/ Us on this crime taking live like operation Repo/ Home field advantage so why we live through the peepholes/ Keep taking them hits to the chin yeah we tough so we just eat those/ One of the few artists here to stay so you better cope/ One of the few rappers that ill and never sold dope/ Shout out to the Hologram...the realest ish I ever wrote/