FTP: For The People

by History through Hip Hop



coming soon.


released October 15, 2015

The talented young artist of the Mural Music & Arts Project.



Track Name: Bad Boys
Excerpt - Verse 1
Artist - Harmony

We be from the hood
We do what we could
Most of the time
We misunderstood
Yeah, we got dreams too
But everything problematic with you
there’s a son dead and now she homeless
that’s a be be gun recognize what a toy is
people dyin left and right
tryin soo hard but we loosin fight
givin up souls for minimum wages
stories told but never put on pages
let’s get back to the basics
the one is people with different faces
look around we all see the strife
is the hate you feel really worth someone’s life

Excerpt - Verse 2
Artist - Delvin

We know that you hate us //but this what you made us
scared of yo kind //so we carry these tazers
we single you out //cause the shit that you bout
lookin around //allegations don’t phase us
given a job //so we follow it
know that it’s wrong//don’t acknowledge it
Money be talkin so we get to poppin// the government taken our common sense
it’s a common conception//we all see the message
stuck in a bowl// imma pig with some dressing
but undercovers a blessin//
no pun intended //my job is a lesson
don’t follow my ways//cause money is hate
see the brainwash //as you look at my face

Excerpt - Spoken Word Verse 3
Artist - Lennae

have been held by many hands
I am the key tool of the creative man
for I have seen so many on this stage
But with you have come along truth and rage
Rage from the lack of sincerity that black lives transition from disparity
Deduced to riots and looters niggers if I may
And even though I'm black momma
Excuse me for what I say
When folks turn to colors and colors enemies
I feel it in your bones someone help you please
Your screaming and your mouth is closed
People in the crowd waitin Like they don't know
Judgin you by the skin and hair you keep
Hope you don't strike a verse that makes you deep